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Wasp Traps

Wasps can be a pest, especially if you’re eating or drinking in the garden and the wasps get attracted to the different scents and aromas and want to join in. And if you keep bees as well, they are under risk of getting attacked by wasps, since wasps are omnivorous, they can kill and eat your bees.Trapsvary from the device manufactured to catch wasps, to the “Add-on’s” (Something you add on to another container to make the trap); and of course the home made traps with designs many and wondrous! (Usually involving sharp knives and sticky tape). All the traps have one important thing in common, the one thing that they will fail to work without, the “enticement” or “Wasp Bait”, else why would the wasp enter the trap?

For dispatching one or two pests annoying you and your family during a picnic, swatting them is more appropriate – but for longer term and larger volume death counts, our juice is perfect and it will help prevent your from being stung – which for people who have allergic tendencies can be particularly painful as histamine can cause extensive swelling. Sourced:

Rabbit Hutch


Here are five things that you need to consider when you decide to build your own rabbit hutch: Hutch legs – The legs of your hutch not only dictate how far down you have to bend to get at your rabbits (and the less you have to maneuver to access them the better), but also can provide protection for your rabbits from predators

Design– The design of the rabbit hutch directly reflects the level of comfort and safety of your per rabbit. The main consideration in making the hutch is the rabbits because obviously they are the ones that are going to be living in it.