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Bug Hotel


Many bug hotels are nest sites by insects including solitary bees and solitary wasps or other parasitic insects at different times of the year when they are migrating. These are essential especially if you don’t want bugs residing in your home without warning creating a health hazard.

Building an Insect Hotel for Winter Hibernation

An insect hotel improves a garden’s biodiversity and provides refuge for pollinators and pest controllers. Insects might not look like particularly significant visitors to your garden, but they’re vital to keeping the ecosystem working. If you want to help them get through the hard times or give them somewhere to breed, provide them with their own place to stay.

We will be building a bug hotel at the Champlain site this summer in order to encourage beneficial bugs to visit our garden and for educational purposes, so if you have any of the building materials listed above, that you would be willing to donate, please let us know and we will come and get it from you.